Associate Editor in Islamic Economics

He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul. He is a graduate of Economics and Theology and received special education in Basic Islamic Sciences in the classical method. He completed his master's degree on Islamic Economics and is currently continuing his doctoral thesis studies on Islamic Economics.

Along with academic studies, he worked as a researcher in various foundations and Participation Banking Compliance, Application and Development Services in Participation Finance Institutions. With the establishment of Vakıf Katılım A.Ş. in 2016, Vakıf Katılım A.Ş. also works as a Manager in Participation Banking Compliance, Application and Development Service. In Participation Banking Compliance, Implementation and Development Service, it coordinates the Bank's Advisory Board, ensures and controls compliance with the Principles and Standards.

In addition, he works as an instructor on behalf of the Agency in organizations organized in-house and by different institutions in the field of Participation Banking.