E-ISSN: 2791-7525


Issue Title:

From Political Islam to Islamic Politics

The Aim of the Issue:

The concept of political Islam is discussed a lot in the literature. However, researches on the political doctrine of Islam and its global political system remain in the background. In the first two issues of our journal, studies to reverse this situation and eliminate this important deficiency in the literature will be brought to the fore. JISPOL believes that the gap results from the absence of a collective understanding of politico-social developments in the Islamic world. Therefore, the first two issues will focus on establishing this collective understanding. The first issue takes Islamic political theory, conflict resolution in Islamic World, Governance Theory in Islam, regional politics in Islamic World, identity politics in Islamic World, and Inter-religion relations between Muslim Countries into consideration. These topics are very important because of their urgency for Islamic World. Note that JISPOL expects articles to evaluate its questions also from an Islamic perspective in addition to other methodological perspectives.

The Issue Structure:

JISPOL honors to announce the launch of the first issue titled "From Political Islam to Islamic Politics." Theoretical and empirical research articles, review articles, policy papers, book reviews are highly welcomed. The journal structure mainly consists of four different parts:

  • Islam-oriented articles
  • Disciplines-oriented articles
  • Policy papers
  • Book-reviews

  • You can find the recommended topics by JISPOL Editorial Team in the Call for Paper below. These topic recommendations are only related to Islam-oriented articles part of the journal. For disciplines-oriented articles part, there is no recommendations and limits except the eight disciplines. Editorial team reminds the-eight-disciplines-limit for the authors submitting a discipline-oriented article. It means that articles in other disciplines than those eight ones won't be kindly accepted.