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Journal of Islamic Politics (JISPOL) is publishing JISPOL Analysis Series. The Series has the aim to briefly analyze developments in JISPOL eight disciplines. It also includes discussions on theoretical issues under the light of the current situation in international politics.

Islam as a Consolidative Discourse in International Politics
by Ali Ihsan KAHRAMAN - 04/25/2021
This paper prefers to change the focus of positive studies from the impacts of a radical movement to the potentials of Islam in international politics. Therefore, it prefers to change the question from the role of Islam to its consolidative discourse capabilities.
Entry of Russia in the Middle East: Old Player with a New Game Strategy
by Shoaib KHAN - 05/09/2021
This paper focuses on Moscow’s activity in the Middle East. The main aim is to study the that after the Re-emergence of Russia it has sent a message that it is a power to be recognized in the region. It also studies on the growing competition the west will fact from Russia other than China in that area politically and economically.
An Institutional Step for Regional Deterrence: Israel's Inclusion to CENTCOM
by Hurşit Dingil - 05/18/2021
The main focus of the study is to identify the motivations and determining factors behind Israel's inclusion in CENTCOM. It examines the US relations with Israel over the Great Power Rivalry between the US, Russia, and China, mentioning the place of this security-motivated decision in the discussions of the regional security complex.
Israeli racism and colonialism
Confronting Israel as a Colonial and Racist State
by Berdal Aral - 07/16/2021
The purpose of this brief essay is to draw on the urgency of challenging this conventional view of, and inertia about, Israel.