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Submission System

You can upload your manuscript to JISPOL by logging into Open Journal System (OJS). It is a very effective system for manuscript submission to be indexed by many systems. To submit your manuscript, you must register to OJS if you haven't registered yet. To reach the OJS, please click

Notice that Manuscript submission without Transfer Copyright Agreement won't be evaluated for publication. Therefore, please don't forget to send your Copyright Agreement to info@jispol.com. You can find a Sample for Transfer Copyright Agreement


Contributions and editorial correspondence should be sent to journalofislamicpolitics@gmail.com. Manuscripts must be in English, Turkish or Arabic and should be approximately between 6,000-8,000 words. Authors should not submit manuscripts that are under consideration for publication elsewhere. All typescripts will be assessed by academic referees. Authors are free to submit contributions electronically as email attachments or on filling the submission form on Submission system at JISPOL website.


Please provide a title page indicating the article title, author's full name (in the form preferred for publication), and author's affiliation (including mailing address and email address). Manuscript pages should be numbered consecutively. Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation must be consistent within each article.

Manuscripts should include an abstract with the length of maxiumum 200 words and it must contain no references and followed by maximum 5 keywords. Abstract should set out briefly and clearly the main objectives and results/conclusions of the work, and it should give a clear idea of what has been achieved.

Authors are recommended to follow Times New Roman, 12 punto and 1.5 lines in the main text. Titles must be 14 punto bold, sub-titles be 12 punto regular and third-sub-titles be in 12 punto italic. 9 punto should be followed in footnotes.

Page Layout must be 4 inches from top, 2,5 inches from right, left and bottom.

Abbreviations and capitalizations should be consistent throughout the text. The use of full stops in lower case abbreviations is necessary (et al., ibid., ed.). However please avoid using this type of punctuation in capitalized abbreviations (UN; Washington, DC), with the exception of the abbreviation for the United States of America, which must include points (U.S.).

Dates within the article to be given as follows: 1 June 2010, 1990s, 21st century, mid-18th century, 1991-2001.

Please use double quotation marks for all quotations; and single ones for concepts that are not directly quoted (eg. so-called ‘hard power’) as well as for quotes within quotes.

If the quoted sentence exceeds more than 30 words, you should omit the quotation marks, start the quote from a new line and indent the quote about 1cm from the left/right-hand margin of the page.

Pages should be numbered using digit numbers in the footer of each page.


Illustrations and tables should be submitted in a separate word document. But they aren’t submitted as original artwork. All illustrations must be submitted as in jpeg or pdf format. Tables should be comprehensible without reference to the text. Type each on a separate sheet and indicate the approximate position in the text with a marginal note.


All articles accepted for publication will be copy-edited and proofread. Copy-edited typescripts of articles and reviews will be sent to authors; this represents the final opportunity for authors to make corrections or amendments to their work, as proofs are not circulated to authors.

Foreign words accepted in English usage should be spelled in accordance with the New Oxford Dictionary of English or the Concise Oxford Dictionary.


Article references and bibliographies should be followed American Psychological Association Style (APA) throughout the manuscript. The up-to-date APA rules can be found at https://apastyle.apa.org/ .

Publication Principles

The Journal of Islamic Politics (JISPOL) seeks manuscripts that make outstanding contributions to scholarly knowledge about notable theoretical concerns, empirical issues, or methodological strategies in Islamic politics. JISPOL expects scholars to submit manuscripts that address an important research question, that display a high level of curiosity or innovation in research, that contribute in a novel way to a body of knowledge, and also (as appropriate) demonstrate state-of-the-art use of the appropriate methodology.

JISPOL does not review manuscripts that:

- Do not contain original arguments or analyses;
- Are not analytically rigorous, of high quality, and self-contained;
- Do not have appropriate Institutional Review Board approval for studies involving human subjects;
- Are unsolicited responses to recently published articles;
- Do contain terrorist praise, populism, Islamophobic arguments, radicalism praise; any kind of abuse of rightsindividual or community
- Do contain plagiarism - Are simultaneously under review elsewhere;
- Contain material that has already been published elsewhere (without appropriate citation or acknowledgment);
- Fail to comply with the substantive, stylistic, formatting, and anonymity requirements described above;
- Have been reviewed previously at the JISPOL without any development in the original manuscript;

Articles are selected for publication in the JISPOL based on a blind review process. Authors and co-author submissions to the JISPOL are expected to review manuscripts for the Journal. The JISPOL Editor reserves the right to refuse submissions from authors who repeatedly fail to provide reviews for the Journal when invited to do so.

The Editors of the JISPOL seek to provide constructive and informative manuscript reviews that provide authors useful information regardless of the ultimate editorial decision. We are also committed to providing authors efficient and timely turn-around when processing submitted manuscripts. But the speed of the process is directly abying the timeliness of referee responses. Accordingly, it may take several months to complete the review of a manuscript also that all reviews are advisory to the JISPOL Editor, who is solely responsible for editorial decisions are final on all manuscripts. No appeals are accepted, except for specific procedural errors in the review process.