Cagri Kosak

Table of Contents

Abstract #

This article tries to understand the occurrence conditions of Salafism to partially
reveal a framework for Salafi mentality. To do this, comprehension of Salafi mind
is a requirement and fulfilling this requirement is only possible by re-visiting the
dilemma between its means of rules and traditions. This article analyzes the extent
and the motivation sources of Salafist stance against traditions, innovations,
and other denominations of Islam. In this analysis, this article asks in a historical
context the extent to which Salafism stands against the other sects of Islam. Therefore,
attitudes and interpretations of founding fathers of Salafism against similar
issues to traditions and innovations are on the origin of this analysis because
of the impossibility of recognition of Salafi mentality without seeking the roots of
the faith (aqida) of Salafism.


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