Right questions bring us the right answers and the right praxis.


JISPOL aims to ask the right questions about the reflections of the ongoing transformation process of the placement of local and traditional identities in the global political economy on Islamic and Muslim world. For asking these questions, JISPOL suggests that comparative methods will be very guiding for answering these questions and is inviting scholars to use comparative methods in their papers to submit to JISPOL. Although JISPOL also accepts papers written using different methods, JISPOL prefers to give priority to the comparative papers to publish. 

Question 1: Interestless Economy

Is an interestless economic system possible? How would it contribute to a wealthier and more sustainable political-economy system?  

Question 3: Prophet Mohammad's Government Experiences

Can Prophet Mohammad's government experiences say anything about contemporary governmental problems and international relations? For what dimensions couldn't his experiences be an example of contemporary problems?

Question 2: Monitoring LGBT

What are the reflections of LGBT+ movements on the global political-economy? Is this movement related only to developing human rights or does it have any political agenda?

Question 4: Convergence in Muslim world

Is a convergence between Muslim-populated countries for any political-economic dimensions? What are the main motivations of Muslim-populated countries in their bilateral relations with each other? How are Muslim-populated countries separating from non-Muslim-populated countries in the global political-economy?

Have a significant question in mind?

If you think a research question must be taken into consideration by scholars all over the world, please share with us and we will publish it here with your name.