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Ali Ihsan KAHRAMAN, Ph.D., Discipline-oriented Research Paper

Re-evaluating Turkey’s Foreign Policy Under the New Vortex in Domestic Policy: The AK Party Government


The article is exactly the product of an effort to understand and systematize the dynamics of change in Turkey’s internal dynamics. In this way, he believes that a basis will be formed for a more accurate understanding of the changes in Turkey’s foreign policy. This article will try to establish this ground only and will concentrate entirely on its effects on the domestic economy’s political plane. Therefore, the question of how the changes in the domestic economy-political plane affect foreign policy will not find an answer and examples in this article. The purpose of not discussing the connection points with foreign policy in this article is to reveal the dynamics in the domestic economy-political plane in a comprehensive and holistic understanding. Discussing it in relation to foreign policy has been taken out of the scope of the article, as it may constantly shift the focus of the article and make it difficult to understand and explain the systematics presented. However, the answer to the question of how foreign policy is affected will be discussed in another study.


Kahraman, A. İhsan. (2021). Re-evaluating Turkey’s Foreign Policy under The AK Party Government: The New Vortex in Domestic Policy. Journal of Islamic Politics, 1(2), 17–28.

Bio of the Author

Ali Ihsan Kahraman graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University and the University of London International Program with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management, which was created by the London School of Economics. He established a conceptual theoretical framework for foreign policy in his master’s thesis at Sabanci University, which compared Turkey’s energy geopolitics at the regional and global levels. His research on the China-led Belt and Road Initiative’s effects on the world’s political economy earned him a PhD from Istanbul University. He established the Journal of Islamic Politics, a scholarly publication, and he currently focuses on the Islamic world, Global Political Economy, International Relations Theory, and Turkish Foreign Policy. At Istanbul Medeniyet University, he is still employed in the department of international relations.